You Will Be Missed, Imee

It's final...the verdict has been given, my friend for two years will need to leave the account and would be transferred to a different one. It was really a sad night for all of us in the team most specially to me as she is one of my closest friend at work. She is my confidant and my usual "yosi buddy" (cigarette break buddy). We would normally go downstairs after lunch time to smoke and my lunch time would definitely be different now that she's not around anymore...

We would normally talk about office stuff, our love life, our dreams and plans for the future and we would occasionally talk about our plan to quit smoking. And as a starting point, we purchased cigarette filters to absorb some of the toxins in the cigarette we smoke and to collect those harmful solid particles known as tar. I've learned all about this by searching the net and finding ways on how to at least lessen the harmful effects of smoking on my body. We do also have plans to purchase what they call e-cigarette (or Electronic Cigarette) which acts and looks much like an actual cigarette but without the harmful toxins associated with smoking but since Imee is now gone, I think I would be the only one to push through with the plan.

Last night, I called her up. I asked her how she was doing and what keeps her busy. She said she would just rest for a while and would start working next year after the holidays. According to her, our coach told her she would go through the normal procedure in applying for a different account. She would also go through the physical exam (and she is now researching on how to pass a drug test , lol) plus written and oral exam. I can hear disappointment on her voice but I told her that everything happens for a purpose. This is God working in her life and that she needs to look on the brighter side. The conversation ended by a promise that I would just be here if she needs me and that I would remain a friend. She would definitely be missed.

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