I Want to Travel!

Seeing my friends again after two years is really a dream come true. I've been thinking of meeting them before for dinner but my schedule does'nt allow me. We've talked about a lot of things and I had so many realizations after that talk. I've realized that I need to unwind and treat myself once in a while. They said they've been in and out of the county because they are rewarding themselves through traveling. They said that I need to do that while I still can...while I still don't have a child and while I can still afford going places. I guess they have a point.

I've always been wanting to visit other countries but if I would be given a chance to travel abroad...I want it extra ordinary. I don't want to go to museums, to the beach, to the mall - I want it different. I really wasn't able to give so much thought about going to a specific place but I already have fun activities that I would like to do while traveling. Maybe watching a circus or rodeo watching would be exciting.I was able to check on a site that sells Nationals Final Rodeo Tickets and was really tempted to purchase one online immediately since the site teamonetickets.com sells out tickets at a reasonable price. I would really love seeing with my own eyes how those brave cowboys was able to work around with those angry bulls. That would be fun! I would like to go there soon, I guess I need to plot my vacation leave in preparation for that. Wish me luck!

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College Best Friends

Last night, my college friends, Ruthie and Malen dropped by our house to celebrate my birthday! Since they confirmed our mini reunion a day before the event, I already planned ahead. I already planned what the menu and the agenda would be for the day. Got up early, around 3 am to work on my blogs and went to the market with my hubby at around 7am to buy ingredients for our Pork Nilaga menu. I also bought ingredients for my mango crema de fruita. They said they would be here at around 12 noon so we started cooking at 9am. Since I've been cooking the whole day, I took a nap at around 12 nn and just asked my hubby to wake me up once I received a text from them. To my surprise after I got up at around 3 pm, I still was'nt able to receive a text from them. I panicked and texted them, good thing, they are already in the vicinity and is now asking for directions on how to go on our place. Fortunately, Ruthie was able to remember the way to our apartment and to my surprise, I already saw them on our doorsteps. Since they arrived, we had a blast! They brought cake and gifts with them. Ruthie gave me a cute bracelet and Malen gave me a cute blouse. Oh my, my friends are soooo generous! This is the first and only birthday I had in my entire 30 days of existence wherein I was able to get more than ten birthday presents! God really blesses me with good things. After eating dinner, we had fun singing using our videoke and had a cocktail drink party while Jojo cook our "pulutan". We laugh almost the whole time and I think it's because of the influence of my own rendition of Zombie Cocktail. Seems they like the combination of brandy, vodka, grenadine and strawberry juice that they asked me how to make one. I'm so proud of myself that I was able to make such good drink though I never had any formal education about mixing drinks. I was able to confirm that my Zombie tastes great because my officemates also told me the same thing. Anyways, after videoke session...I asked hubby to get our mattress so we could all lie down while watching television and since Ruthie just came from a 5am to 1pm shift...she was the first one to fall asleep. Lol. They stayed till 10 pm and Jhun, Ruthie's fiancee came over to fetch them. Unfortunately, the car he is using had some issues which forced them to leave the car at our house and just commute. He said he will just go back tomorrow to fetch it. Though that is such an unfortunate event, overall - I love my day. We were able to update ourselves with whats happening in our lives and what we need to improve on ourselves. We talked about career, future plans, travels, vacations, blogging and lovelife. Lord, please always bless my friends. We made a pact that we will work on this relationship we have and we will never let it fail just like that. The last time I saw them was two years ago and I don't want to see them just every two years. I will do my part promise...I will let them know ALWAYS how i love and miss them. They are my sisters in the real sense of the word. Thank you Lord for this day. Amen!

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Future Business Venture

In the next two years, a lot of changes would occur in my life. I would soon be retiring from my job and would just concentrate on my online job. I am also considering putting up my own business. I am still not decided on what business to take and is still considering a lot of things but since I stumbled upon Goldline International - gold coin investing seems the most profitable.

When I read some article on the net about how valuable gold is and that there are so many people are interested in acquiring them...I got so excited. It is indeed the purest form of money and the most durable wealth-preserving asset on the planet. The government has no control over it, it has no debts, no politicians and no government agencies that can mess with it's value. I've learned that negative economic, political, environmental or monetary conditions contribute to a rising gold price while war, inflation, high oil and gas prices and the weakness of US dollars weakens it's value. I've realized that with a good business strategy - it would bring anyone a fortune. Check on to know more about buy gold prices information through Goldline's website.

Will try to research more about it but as early as now, I know it would be a good investment. Wish me luck!

Real Estate Bailout

Good news to first time home buyers! The government recently announced a Real Estate Bailout that offers up to $8,000 tax credit for first time house buyers. This bill is advantageous to newly weds as they were given a chance to have their very own home without the worries of paying a large sum of cash due to taxes. This is also for those individuals who've been renting all their lives and wants to get a house of their own without having to pay so much for taxes. It has been estimated that around 2 million people grabbed this chance and utilized the tax credit by the end of the year 2009. This bill has been approved by the White House under President's Obama so the government can give extra capital to the dying Real Estate industry in an attempt to save it from bankruptcy.

Those who are currently living in their own home for five out of the eight years of permanent residency can also have the chance of getting up to $6,500 Tax Credit from the government. This is the best time for those individuals to buy a better home and take advantage of this offer. I would suggest that anyone who wants to grab this opportunity act immediately as the government announced that there would be no future extensions and that everyone is advised to have a written, binding contract by April of 2010.

Here's a short video of Coldwell Banker, a full-service real estate provider, to help us more understand what the bill is all about.

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Broken Hearted

I really don't know why my hubby is acting up like this again. It's just so happen that whenever my mom would visit me here in our house...my hubby feels left out and becomes vulnerable. Just earlier this morning, he is washing our clothes and well,I was still asleep. I heard mom tell him to make sure that he hang the clothes properly as to make sure it would not smell. I also heard her ask him if he is watering the plants as she feels Jojo is not doing his task. I guess those words hurted my hubby's feelings and became reluctant afterwards. He doesn't want to eat with us outside and would prefer eating in our room while watching a movie through the dvd player. It hurts me that my mom and my hubby is having this kind of cold war. I know at times mom become so authoritative but I know her motives...she want's us to improve our lifestyle. I also feel for my hubby as he feels mom sees nobody but him. He feels inferior as he is only working at home,contributing only a small portion of our budget compared to what I am giving. I am really torn and I am so sad. I asked hubby to please help me as I don't want to be sad on my birthday week and he promised to ask an apology to my mom later today. If he do that, I would treat him to a movie tonight...if he does'nt...we're stuck here at home. I'll tell you what will happen later. Please pray for our family. Thanks.

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My Dream Business and My Pick Up Truck

Thank you for everyone who greeted me on my birthday, it's indeed a very special and memorable event for me as most of my friends was able to go to my mini birthday bash. Well, after the party, the thought about my age suddenly came to my mind and I realized that I am not getting any younger. In this stage of my life, I should now act out what I had planned years before if I really want to reach my goals. This is not the planning stage anymore, this is the reality. So I guess I need to be brave this time and do what needs to be done.

Since I was a child, I already know what I want. I want to be a businesswoman. Seeing myself being one gives me hope and energy to strive harder in life, knowing that if I work harder, I can earn more and having more money means having the ability to start a business of my own. I’ve been working for almost seven years now and I think it’s time for me to think of some other ways to earn. I don’t want to be an employee forever. Having a business of my own would definitely boost my morale, would give me a sense of direction, would give me the freedom to choose what path I need to take. Excitement is the only word I can think of right now whenever thoughts like this comes to mind. I guess I need to save a little bit more as I know I also need to consider a lot of things. I need to have more than extra savings especially if I need to put up a business of my own.

I always want to put up a retail shop. A shop where I can sell grocery items to our community. It would be like a small grocery store and a one stop shop. I know I need to have a dependable truck on this type of business and I fell in love with the Ford pick up because of its elegance. I would use it for my business during the day and use it to socialize with my friends in the evening. It's gorgeous! I would also buy some pick up accessories such as vent visors, truck bed cover, running boards,or the ever famous truxedo tonneau cover. Buying this pick up would be at the top of my "to buy" list for this year and hopefully I can start my own biz early next year. Wish me luck!

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Lazy Day Off

I hate it! It's my rest day but here I am confined in my room as our landlady decided to beautify our apartment and paint the walls. Actually, I have nothing against it - in fact it's nice for our landlord to do that as it would definitely improve the look and feel of the house. Unfortunately, she decided to have it done just in time of my rest day! We thought they would do it last week while I am at the office so they would be finish the moment I came home, unfortunately, they picked a day when I was supposed to relax at home. Arrrgh. So here I am, trying my best to concentrate and work on my blogs instead of hopping from one friend's Facebook profile to another. I've noticed that I really can't do anything on my blogs especially when I already signed in to FB. Haisst, I promise to control myself from now on and would only sign in to Facebook once I'm already finished with my work. Hope I can finish all my task on time. For the meantime, I think I need to take a nap and hopefully when I wake up...they've already finished with their paint job.

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