Mom's Birthday

Mom is turning 46 next month, on the 6th exactly. I'm wondering where to treat her on her special day. Sis and I were talking about surprising her. She suggested we go and watch the Black-Eyed Peas concert on the 10th of February. A little late for her birth day but that would be a good time where our schedules meet. Mom likes the group too, kinda weird for a 46-year old? Well, yeah but mom is someone who likes the music of today except hard-rock though. Sis saw the schedule of the concert while browsing for St. Pete Times Forum Tickets. We are also considering getting some Sesame Street Live Tickets. Mom always wants to bring our young cousins along for any trip or outing. But we still have to agree on that. We want her day to be celebrated by just the three of us and just spend another party or gathering for the rest of the family members and close friends.

When our aunt Jhing knew about our plans, she suggested that we just get Staples Center Tickets and watch the Los Angeles Lakers play. She is a big fan of Kobe Bryant and the whole team. Well, I love them too but I dont think mom will enjoy that very much. Hmmm.. this will be a tough decision-making. I wish someone could ask mom what she wishes on her birth day without her knowing of our plan to give it to her. I guess that would be perfect to make her really happy on her special day.

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Accident Lawyer

I just got up from a nap and so far so good. I am currently blogging my heart out while watching tv. I am waiting for my hubby to wake up as we would soon need to prepare for dinner. It's already 11:30 pm and just by looking at him from my location, I don't think he has a plan of getting up anytime soon. Well, I'll give him another half an hour, if he don't get up by himself, I sure will wake him up.

Anyways, I told you about my friend Ice. I got to speak with her Wednesday morning and I'm happy that she is now slowly recovering from grief because of his ex boyfriend's loss due to an accident. I'm happy that she is now able to laugh, giggle and share her feelings to us. In fact, she is planning to go with our friends for some out of town adventure which is good. She is trying to help her ex bf's family in finding the best lawyer who can help them find justice for their loved ones misfortune. I tried helping her and searched the net and have found accidents dot com. It is a portal that would help us find the best lawyer who could represent the victim of an accident to get any claim due to them. I've learned that they offer free case evaluation and all you need to do is to supply the informaition and they'll gonna find you the best lawyer who could represent you based on what type of accident you've had. If it is work related, they'll gonna find a work accident lawyer...if it is a fall down accident, then they'll search for the best fall down accident lawyer.This is the only time I've learned that there are specific lawyers for a specific type of accident which is good, as we're sure that the lawyer does really know what he's doing.

I can't wait to tell Ice about this site so she could inform her ex bf's family. I hope in my own little way, I can help my friend.

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Another Chitchat with a Caller

Working in a call center is stressful but at same time enjoyable. I get to speak with different types of people and somehow I was able to familiarize myself with American way of life. Luckily, we do have cable television at home and since I am fond of watching American series... I normally use that to develop rapport among my customers. One time, I asked if they are familiar with the series "Gossip Girl", I told her that I am an avid fan and that I subscribed to a local cable company just to make sure I am always updated with what's happening in the said series. She said she is and in the tone of her voice, I know I have started a good conversation...

She said she is so excited with her new Direct TV subscription. She said I should opt to get Direct TV as there are a number of Direct TV Packages to choose from. Since I am really not familiar with Directv, I asked her what's the difference between regular Cable TV subscription and Direct TV. According to her, her Direct TV in California offers superior sound clarity and picture quality compared to the ordinary cable televisions. I've learned that with Direct TV, people have the choice to get their favorite channels instead of having tp pay for channels you really don't like to watch in the first place. Furthermore, a number of Direct TV deals are hard to resist as they offer the best services at an affordable rate. If only direct TV was offered here, I would definitely subscribe to it instead of having to pay for a cable company which makes me pay for subscription to a number of channels that I really don't watch most of the time. Thanks to my caller, I was able to learn something new today.

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Cobalt Health Services

It's my restday today and so far, I'm loving every minute of it. Just earlier today, my hubby bought this electric griller and we had a sumptous meal of grilled fish, liempo and tofu. It's so delicious! I asked him to buy a griller for me because one of my new year's resolution is to eat healthier food. I love it!

Well, my morning was spent in front of the tv and computer. I am actually wanting to find a second job. I know that for me to be able to have additional skills, I need to enroll myself in school. One option I have is to enroll myself in Medical Billing programs.Those programs can typically be completed in less than a year at most vocational colleges. In fact, many medical billing schools will allow you to earn your diploma in just 6 months!I wanted to have a medical billing career as it is in demand right now. I've always had this feeling of wanting to work in a medical field as I want to help sick people but seeing a lot of blood terrifies me. I want to have a medical career which would require me to work in the background and when I've learned about medical billing and coding career...I told myself that I want to pursue that.

The medical billing and coding career field is for someone who wants to work in health care, but would prefer to work in more an administrative role—instead of with patients. I guess that's the closest career I could get in a medical field. There are a lot of companies that offers complete medical billing services to physicians, health providers, hospitals and surgery centers. These companies needs a lot of medical billers. Medical billers are responsible for making sure everyone is being billed correctly. They also provides accounts receivable management so a little knowledge in math is necessary if anyone wants to have this kind of career. One company that offers such services is Cobalt Health Services, they're a third party entity that helps medical professionals obtain their fair compensation which is appropriate for the work they've made. No more hassle of having to do all those computations as Cobalt Health will be the one to take care of it. Companies like Cobalt Health are some of my potential employers just in case I would pursue with my chosen second career.

I am still checking for any other possible career options but for now, this one would be on the top of my list. Wish me luck!

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At last, It's my Rest Day!

It's my rest day today. I with Jojo just enjoyed the day by watching DVDs and just cooking our favorite foods such as macaroni soup, fried chicken, and sinigang na baboy. I really make sure that I enjoy every single second of my day off so I only sleep for around two to three hours...just a short nap to recharge my body would be fine. Since my hubby is the one in charge of our online job and household chores, he is working extra hard whenever I'm around the house all day. He needs to go to and fro the supermarket to buy some stuff for the house and to get something to eat for me. He tends to be so stress whenever he is with me the whole day as I tend to be over controlling. Whenever I see something wrong in the house such as almost empty sugar container or only a few eggs left on the fridge...I panic and ask him to buy those stuff on a local supermarket. I know I have the tendency to be too bossy at times but I can't help it. I am a perfectionist type I may say and I want everything to be in order. So to make up for my hubby, I am planning to buy him a bicycle. It would definitely make life easier for him. I also would like to get those Bike Metal Shed that would provide secure outdoor storage for it. I know it's not much of a gift but I know my hubby would appreciate it. I was able to find a store online that sells out those Metal Sheds and I am also planning to buy a Metal Garden Shed for my mother on her next birthday.It's my way of showing how much I love and care for them. I just hope they'll love it.

Anyways, well gonna watch another movie in a little while, you guys have a great one!

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