Home for the Holidays

I got a text message earlier from my sister living in Singapore that they would be coming home for the holidays. As you all know, I with my hubby, is the one taking care of their house since she and her family migrated to Singapore. She is the one paying all the bills and in return, we need to take care of the house and everything in it. Yes, I am indeed very lucky to have her in my life and she is indeed a very generous sister... but I don't know why I get so nervous knowing they would soon be back.

It's just so happen I am afraid that they will know that my hubby is still unemployed after two long years since they left. I am afraid my sister might misinterpret my hubby's unemployed status to being dependent on me. Actually it's my own personal decision. I asked him not to apply for a job as I want him to manage our business, unfortunately, the business never materialized. I was not able to save as much as I want to and because of that, I was not able to save for our business start up capital. I know this is also not what my hubby wants. I know oftentimes he gets bored as well. He normally spend the day serving me, cooking for me, washing my clothes, cleaning and maintaining the house and just plays free games online or watch free movies on the internet for his own enjoyment. I am afraid she might find it odd that her sister is the one working for us instead of him. My husband is a loving and a giving partner... someone who takes care of my needs first before his and someone who shares so much of himself to me. I hope they could see that kind of person in him rather than someone who does'nt have any dream. I am planning to start a business next month, fortunately, I got my bonus from the company I worked for and is now ready to invest in a small business. I hope my hubby can finally prove to everyone that he can also be successful.

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You Will Be Missed, Imee

It's final...the verdict has been given, my friend for two years will need to leave the account and would be transferred to a different one. It was really a sad night for all of us in the team most specially to me as she is one of my closest friend at work. She is my confidant and my usual "yosi buddy" (cigarette break buddy). We would normally go downstairs after lunch time to smoke and my lunch time would definitely be different now that she's not around anymore...

We would normally talk about office stuff, our love life, our dreams and plans for the future and we would occasionally talk about our plan to quit smoking. And as a starting point, we purchased cigarette filters to absorb some of the toxins in the cigarette we smoke and to collect those harmful solid particles known as tar. I've learned all about this by searching the net and finding ways on how to at least lessen the harmful effects of smoking on my body. We do also have plans to purchase what they call e-cigarette (or Electronic Cigarette) which acts and looks much like an actual cigarette but without the harmful toxins associated with smoking but since Imee is now gone, I think I would be the only one to push through with the plan.

Last night, I called her up. I asked her how she was doing and what keeps her busy. She said she would just rest for a while and would start working next year after the holidays. According to her, our coach told her she would go through the normal procedure in applying for a different account. She would also go through the physical exam (and she is now researching on how to pass a drug test , lol) plus written and oral exam. I can hear disappointment on her voice but I told her that everything happens for a purpose. This is God working in her life and that she needs to look on the brighter side. The conversation ended by a promise that I would just be here if she needs me and that I would remain a friend. She would definitely be missed.

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The Verdict

Well, tonight will be the final verdict. Tonight, we will know what the client's decision is regarding my friend's case. The recommendation of our OMs is to just push for a suspension but the final say is still from our client. It's 50/50 actually but my friend feels that she will be transferred to another account. I hope not. I would really be sad if that would be the case as she is one of my true friends at work. I really pray the decision would be favorable to her. God, please make a way so that my friend can stay with the account. Amen.

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Another Gloomy Day

I slept for almost 7 hours last night but till now... I can't understand why I feel so tired. Not just tired physically...but emotional, mentally, spiriturally. I don't know why I feel so "nega" since yesterday. Though the que is really not that bad and we even had a meeting for almost 2 hours, I still feel the pressured in the office. I feel bad that another close friend would leave the team if ever the final verdict would be either lateral transfer or termination. I already lost two of my closest friend before, one of them I treat as my bestfriend... I don't know if I could still manage to lose another. I feel so sad, tired and confused. I feel threatened, anxious and afraid...afraid of losing the foundation of my future plans. Lord, please let me endure the remaining two years of my call center journey. After two years, I can now do whatever I want to do with my life. I can now start living my dream.... I pray Lord, that you will make a way for my plans. To you be the glory forever, Amen.

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What a Gloomy Day

I just don't like this day. I don't know why but I really felt so sad. Maybe I got so tired from my shift as there are so many calls coming in, furthermore, my teammates thought a large size tshirt would fit me so they picked that size for me but since the sizes are too small... there is really no way I could fit in to that shirt. Also, the pag-ibig salary loan we applied for last month still was'nt approved... and last but not the least...there is a possibility that my friend would be transferred to a different account or worse might get terminated because of an honest mistake she committed at work. I just feel like everything is falling apart. I don't like this feeling and I don't like thinking about negative things so I feel I really need to rest well today. I think I need an 8 hour sleep just to drive all these nega things away. I hope tonight would be a better night than last night shift. Amen.


oh I almost forgot, the shoes I just wore today gave up only after 8 hours of use... what a day!

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Invisible Wall

I don't know why I feel aloof and I really am not close to one of my officemates. She is a pretty and kind girl but I just can't read her mind, maybe that's the reason I tend to distance myself to her. I am a joker, most people learned to love me because of my humor and it's my way of befriending someone...but it just won't click to her. There are numerous times I offer her my hand, tried to talk to her, spend some time with her so I can know her better but it just won't work. It's hard because most of my friends are really close to her and whenever we need to go out to eat or to go somewhere...she would always come with us. We really had no fight or something like that but I feel that there is really an invisible wall between us. I hope I can get over this feeling, I really don't like it. I'm really trying my best to befriend everyone on the team. I hope I can bond with her sometime and really try to know who she really is, besides we're in one team...

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On Breaking Trust

Haha, we we're permitted to go home today as Lysie, one of our previous qsps, asked us if we can file for vgh (voluntary go home) as there are so many agents on the floor and the que is not that high. In fact, we experienced 15 minutes avail time one hour before our shift ends. It's a relief as we do have a heavy call volume for the past 7 hours! So we signed up for one and was approved for VGH 45 minutes before our shift ends. Everyone was so happy because at last, we can go home early and call it a day as our shift for today was really stressful. I need to go home early as I need to finish review tasks that was supposed to expire today. Unfortunately, Ice, my officemate/friend texted me saying "galit daw si tl dahil nag vgh tayo" wtf? I really can't understand and there's really no point that he would get annoyed because we filed for vgh through other people and not through him. He never told us that we can't file for one if it is not filed through him. Things are really getting complicated on the office. I can't help but to doubt my TL as I once lost my trust in him because of a certain secret we have that he was able to share easily with others. I hate this feeling. I don't want to lose my confidence in him completely as my work would greatly suffer. I hope I can control my emotions and just stay focused on my job.

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My Cute Little Dream House

Last week, I with Melai and Sam checked on the house and lot we've been wanting to purchase through a housing loan. I found it very affordable as it would only cost me almost P4100 payable in 30 years to own that property. It is a 50 sqm property, with house and lot, with provision for one bedroom at the loft. Though the lot area is not that big, I guess a little bit of imagination and creativity would work with it. I already have a plan in mind on how I would beautify this house.

The house is actually big enough for two to three people...perfect for a couple who are just starting out a life together. It is really cute. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I already pictured what I'll gonna do to beautify the house. I would adorn it with colorful accessories and furnitures. I'll gonna paint the house pink and yellow inside and out. Since the front yard is so huge, I would adorn it with colorful mail boxes. I've checked on the net and found a site that showcases different types of Residential Mailboxes that would fit into any type of houses and I would just purchase one online for that. I've learned that Mailboxes are used by many house owners not just to make sure the mails would be delivered to the correct address but can also be used as a house accessory.

Though the place is not yet fully developed, I think I would go for it. We are just renting our place and I feel that I am just wasting the money I pay for the rent because it the end, the house would never be ours. I want to have something that I could say mine and I pray that it would be my own house. I still am weighing my options but I hope my decision would be the best for us.

my little dream house

the inside of the house

the front yard

in Jesus name I claim this house, Amen!

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Bautify Your Pics with Picjoke.com!

My first blog ever is turning 6 years new and I'm so happy because its the one that paved a way for me in being a profesional blogger. My first blog only comprises of personal experiences, fears, happiness - it's like a silent witness of what's been happening in my life. When I want to look back on what my life had been for the last couple of years - I take a peek on my beloved blog and reminisce.

Blogging has been a part of my life since then, at first it's just for personal but when I've learned from my friend that he is learning through his blogs, I got interested. So I purchased a computer and subscribed to a local dsl line and asked my friend to help me to be a professional blogger like him. It's a good thing that I'm already blogging for three years already when I've learned about online blogging because I already have a blog of my own to submit for review purpose. Since then, I never stop updating my blogs which now sums up to ten.

Through blogging I've learned certain applications such as adobe photoshop and html. I was really fascinated with colorful designs on a picture so I often decorate my pics with fun picture frames. I usually go to picjoke.com to make photo collage online and make cute decorations on most of the pics I post on my blog. They have more than 100 effects to choose from and everyday you can make colorful and pretty photo collage online. Here are some of the beautiful designs they can offer.

Try blogging, it's a fun way of taking note of your everyday experiences and making money as well. Goodluck!


vgh again with my new teammates!

I am so happy that we again were approved to go on vgh! We had our meeting for almost 2 hours and after our meeting, we were informed that we can now go home. The whole team, together with our new teammates went to Yoohoo Bar @ around 6:00 am to celebrate this event. Haha! We had a beer and a liempo as our pulutan. We had a blast and it seems like we already knew each other for so long because of our manner of speaking and our mannerisms. Maybe because we again happen to have a gay teammate GK. I am so happy that GK is now part of the team as he is the one bringing color to our group. Thanks Lord for my new friends. You really never fail surrounding my life with wonderful people. Amen.

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