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It's summer here and it's a boiling 37 degrees celcius! Waaah! I don't feel like moving at all. For the past two weeks, my routine was eat, blog, sleep. I don't feel like going out as well, I'd rather stay at my room where I could feel comfortable with the aircon on. The weather really have a way to create a certain mood in me. Really wish it's rainy days already.

Last week, I've been working on my new online business venture. I have created a website called Creative Article Writing - a portal that sells cheap but quality written articles. On the process of creating the site, I also thought of adding another page where advertisers can advertise their products or services on blogs that I publish. I do maintain multiple blogs that tackles wide array of topics such as health and home, marketing, real estate etc. The business is still on it's starting phase but I'm already getting positive feedbacks from people. My first writers are my friends Ann, Ice and Melai. I do hope this online job would be a success so I could continue to hire them and help them financially as well. Will update you of the status of the business on my next posts.


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Excellent resource for the peoples..They will come back!

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