Invisible Wall

I don't know why I feel aloof and I really am not close to one of my officemates. She is a pretty and kind girl but I just can't read her mind, maybe that's the reason I tend to distance myself to her. I am a joker, most people learned to love me because of my humor and it's my way of befriending someone...but it just won't click to her. There are numerous times I offer her my hand, tried to talk to her, spend some time with her so I can know her better but it just won't work. It's hard because most of my friends are really close to her and whenever we need to go out to eat or to go somewhere...she would always come with us. We really had no fight or something like that but I feel that there is really an invisible wall between us. I hope I can get over this feeling, I really don't like it. I'm really trying my best to befriend everyone on the team. I hope I can bond with her sometime and really try to know who she really is, besides we're in one team...

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