Midlife Crisis

I'm already in the point in my life wherein I don't know where I am going. Having fears inside me, feeling down most of the time and afraid of what the future might bring is my everyday dilemma. I know that God said in His words that I need not fear for He is with me and that He already have planned everything that would happen in my life. He wants me to prosper and wants me to live life to the fullest. I already know that but I still can't help but wonder what would happen next. Am I feeling this way because my hubby doesn't have a stable job yet? Or is it because of my current responsibility paying for the house amortization? Or is it just the feeling of inadequacy, not being enough, being a failure. I want to succeed in this life but how can I do it if I don't like my current job. I want to explore other possibilities but how can I do that if no one is helping me? It shouldve been perfect if both me and my hubby is working. We would be able to save for the future, buy stuff for the house and maybe plan a family. But right now, I am the only one providing for the both of us and I already feel so tired of all of these responsibilities. I hope one day there will come a time when I won't have to worry about what will happen in our life in the future...hopefully, my hubby will also help me carry this burden.


Online Love Affair

If you are single and wants to find some love on the internet, why don’t you try some free dating sites available on the web. At first, I don’t really have faith on those dating sites. I felt as if love affair on the internet only happens on the movie screen. Not until my best friend Melai found her soon to be husband on the internet. I couldn’t believe my ears when she confided to me that the guy she met online will visit her and will spend three weeks in her house. He is a Slovak citizen currently working as a Chef in Ireland. After the vacation, he already asked her to tie a knot with him. She will be flying to Ireland sometime this September and hopefully tie the knot with her Slovak fiance a month after that. Now I know that with the new technology such as internet, almost anything is now possible.


My New Hobby

Being raised in an environment exposed in gambling (my father used to bet on horse racing before ) - made me aware of the ups and downs of the game. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. A lot of us who never tried gambling cant understand why a passion to play those kinds of games which involves money betting seems so intense for most people engaged in it…well we can never tell or even judge them unless were in their shoes I guess but I suggest that if you really cant make yourself stop doing it, at least choose a game that would give you a better chances of winning in the comfort of your own home. Something that won’t take your time away from your family but instead something that would help you earn money while enjoying with minimal risk. I suggest that if you really want to play casino without being hooked or addicted to it , the best option that falls under that category is by playing in an online casino. Visiting those casino sites will give you a head start if you are serious in making money out of it. There are a lot of casino sites that you can look into to find guides on how to locate the coolest and safest internet gambling destinations and once if which is Badugipoker.eu!

The site’s layout is simple yet very informational as it provides online gamers with helpful strategy guide and tips on how to win big playing online badugi. Though Badugi is not as popular as Texas Holdem or video poker, this exciting game is gaining popularity in an increasing rate. Since the first time I tried badugi poker, I never stopped. It’s a nice, fun and exciting game that definitely takes off my stress off work. Hurry, try your luck now!


Online Marketing Business

It's summer here and it's a boiling 37 degrees celcius! Waaah! I don't feel like moving at all. For the past two weeks, my routine was eat, blog, sleep. I don't feel like going out as well, I'd rather stay at my room where I could feel comfortable with the aircon on. The weather really have a way to create a certain mood in me. Really wish it's rainy days already.

Last week, I've been working on my new online business venture. I have created a website called Creative Article Writing - a portal that sells cheap but quality written articles. On the process of creating the site, I also thought of adding another page where advertisers can advertise their products or services on blogs that I publish. I do maintain multiple blogs that tackles wide array of topics such as health and home, marketing, real estate etc. The business is still on it's starting phase but I'm already getting positive feedbacks from people. My first writers are my friends Ann, Ice and Melai. I do hope this online job would be a success so I could continue to hire them and help them financially as well. Will update you of the status of the business on my next posts.


Treatment for Drug Addiction

Having a drug addict in the family is one of the worst feeling there is. I should know, I had one. For years, my brother Jeff has been suffering from obsessive drug addiction. His life has been ruined because of it. He lost his job, his family and his future. I can't recall one single moment we bonded as a brother and a sister. He never reached out to me. Maybe because he is already hooked into drug addiction even at a young age. My parents have been seeking for ways for a very long time now to convince him to change his life for the better but to no avail. We as a family already tried doing almost everything just to persuade him to have him treated in a Drug Rehab Center but he never listens. I even told him that I will be the one to pay for his treatment and that he should not worry about anything. All he just needs to do is undergo some Drug Rehab Program. I believe that only Drug Rehabilitation will cure his drug dependency as those institution really knows what makes a drug addict and knows various ways on how to make sure a patient won’t go back on his old ways. I’ve searched the net and have found a number of institutions that helps drug addict to slowly take out the toxins and their body and help them cope up with the withdrawal syndrome from drug use. I know that will power alone, especially if you’ve been an addict almost half of your life, will not help a patient get rid of those toxins in his body. As for me, I will never get tired of asking him to give up his vices and follow the right path. I hope one of these days my brother would be able to realize that we love him so much, that is why we want him to have a better life.



Just last month, we had our cable installed so we can watch programs even at night. Since then, I never fail to watch Bio's Intervention. It's is a reality show that tackles issues regarding families. I never fail to be amazed on how those group of doctors and psychologists were able to handle domestic issues that easily. One of the episode I've seen was when a friend asked for the help of the group so they could treat her friend for obesity. It was really heart breaking. The guy was so fat he could not even fit into his car anymore and his friend is so worried that he'll gonna die soon because of his weight. Another episode that really touched my heart was when a wife asked for the doctors help to convince her husband to get treated for drug addiction.

The group really had a hard time convincing the husband to undergo Effective Drug Rehab Programs to cure his addiction. The husband even threaten to harm the group if they wont stop bugging him. Thanks to the understanding, perseverance and patience of the group, they were able to persuade the guy to get himself into Effective Drug Rehab. The group monitored the success of the patient and because of a very ,Effective Addiction Treatment the husband was able to get rid of the toxins and promised to never again get himself into drug addiction. Oh, I love reality shows!


Simple Pleasures

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? I applied for a leave today because I want to destress myself. It has been a crazy week for me and I want to get one extra day off so I can do the things I want to do like blogging and beading. I want to take time to rearrange my goals and to have a definite plan for the future. As you all know, ,I am still on the process of planning my life. I still doesn't have a solid plan for what I need to do with my life though I am already 30 years old. So sad huh. Well, I can't blame anyone for this. Maybe I was not vigilant enough to pursue my original goal that is why I am left with no option but to go back to square one. Anyway, enough of those rants. what's important is that I am willing to go back to the right track.

From now on, I would start doing what I love the most...blogging. I've been busy with some unimportant things that I failed to blog as much as I want to. Also, I wasn't able to earn as much as I used to and I want to get it back. Right now, I am blogging while watching our favorite noontime show. My hubby is busy cooking our lunch.

During my rest days, me and my hubby normally plays live dealer casinos. It’s our favorite past time. Playing freeslots and flash casinos makes us feel as if we are in Las Vegas playing in a world class casino house. Time flies when we play online. These simple pleasures are what makes my life happy. I just hope our lives would just be as simple as this.