Lately, my time is usually being spent in front of my PC - checking, researching and finding ways to earn extra so we could be able to save for our future. I want to have one so bad that I search most all day for the past 2 days now, with lunch and dinner as my only break time. No wonder my eyes feel tired and heavy all the time. I've never been obsessed like this before - I've never wanted something so much that it takes me hours to research about it. Just this morning, I saw an episode of "Kabuhayang Swak na Swak" about an entrepreneur who is making it big in business of selling UP inspired t-shirts and right threre and then, I suddenly felt that this too is the business for me. I've again searched on the net and was able to get some infos on how to start up one. First, you must have your own design for your tshirts. I don't know how to draw, I am not so good in creating logos and designs, but I do know one who is good at it... My kuya Elmer! Once I was able to start this biz, I would ask him to work for me instead. It would definitely help him raise my nephew. The other things to consider are finding the right machines to print the designs on the shirt, looking for the best tshirt suppliers and where to market the items. Among the latter three, finding the best tshirt supplier will be the most challenging thing to do but I do believe that once I was able to study the ins and outs of the business...everything will go well. I hope all my prayers will be granted. Thank you for the desires of my life Lord, Amen!!!

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