My Cute Little Dream House

Last week, I with Melai and Sam checked on the house and lot we've been wanting to purchase through a housing loan. I found it very affordable as it would only cost me almost P4100 payable in 30 years to own that property. It is a 50 sqm property, with house and lot, with provision for one bedroom at the loft. Though the lot area is not that big, I guess a little bit of imagination and creativity would work with it. I already have a plan in mind on how I would beautify this house.

The house is actually big enough for two to three people...perfect for a couple who are just starting out a life together. It is really cute. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I already pictured what I'll gonna do to beautify the house. I would adorn it with colorful accessories and furnitures. I'll gonna paint the house pink and yellow inside and out. Since the front yard is so huge, I would adorn it with colorful mail boxes. I've checked on the net and found a site that showcases different types of Residential Mailboxes that would fit into any type of houses and I would just purchase one online for that. I've learned that Mailboxes are used by many house owners not just to make sure the mails would be delivered to the correct address but can also be used as a house accessory.

Though the place is not yet fully developed, I think I would go for it. We are just renting our place and I feel that I am just wasting the money I pay for the rent because it the end, the house would never be ours. I want to have something that I could say mine and I pray that it would be my own house. I still am weighing my options but I hope my decision would be the best for us.

my little dream house

the inside of the house

the front yard

in Jesus name I claim this house, Amen!

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