Home for the Holidays

I got a text message earlier from my sister living in Singapore that they would be coming home for the holidays. As you all know, I with my hubby, is the one taking care of their house since she and her family migrated to Singapore. She is the one paying all the bills and in return, we need to take care of the house and everything in it. Yes, I am indeed very lucky to have her in my life and she is indeed a very generous sister... but I don't know why I get so nervous knowing they would soon be back.

It's just so happen I am afraid that they will know that my hubby is still unemployed after two long years since they left. I am afraid my sister might misinterpret my hubby's unemployed status to being dependent on me. Actually it's my own personal decision. I asked him not to apply for a job as I want him to manage our business, unfortunately, the business never materialized. I was not able to save as much as I want to and because of that, I was not able to save for our business start up capital. I know this is also not what my hubby wants. I know oftentimes he gets bored as well. He normally spend the day serving me, cooking for me, washing my clothes, cleaning and maintaining the house and just plays free games online or watch free movies on the internet for his own enjoyment. I am afraid she might find it odd that her sister is the one working for us instead of him. My husband is a loving and a giving partner... someone who takes care of my needs first before his and someone who shares so much of himself to me. I hope they could see that kind of person in him rather than someone who does'nt have any dream. I am planning to start a business next month, fortunately, I got my bonus from the company I worked for and is now ready to invest in a small business. I hope my hubby can finally prove to everyone that he can also be successful.

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