On Breaking Trust

Haha, we we're permitted to go home today as Lysie, one of our previous qsps, asked us if we can file for vgh (voluntary go home) as there are so many agents on the floor and the que is not that high. In fact, we experienced 15 minutes avail time one hour before our shift ends. It's a relief as we do have a heavy call volume for the past 7 hours! So we signed up for one and was approved for VGH 45 minutes before our shift ends. Everyone was so happy because at last, we can go home early and call it a day as our shift for today was really stressful. I need to go home early as I need to finish review tasks that was supposed to expire today. Unfortunately, Ice, my officemate/friend texted me saying "galit daw si tl dahil nag vgh tayo" wtf? I really can't understand and there's really no point that he would get annoyed because we filed for vgh through other people and not through him. He never told us that we can't file for one if it is not filed through him. Things are really getting complicated on the office. I can't help but to doubt my TL as I once lost my trust in him because of a certain secret we have that he was able to share easily with others. I hate this feeling. I don't want to lose my confidence in him completely as my work would greatly suffer. I hope I can control my emotions and just stay focused on my job.

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imelda said...

that's right girl, just stay focus on your job. don't just believe what others say, tak to the person concerend to once and for all be clarified

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