Christmas Gift for Myself

SEPT. 28, 2008
SUNDAY 9:00 am

God day everyone! We woke up just now because nanood pa si Jojo ng "Walang Tulugan" ni Kuya Germs. Hahaha. Even though I am really not a fan of the show, in fact i have so many subcomments - I enjoy watching it because of Shalala. He (or she) has a segment with German Moreno and they tackle Showbiz intrigues today and even in the past. Shalala is so funny and I would keep on watching "Walang Tulugan" just because of his segment.

Anyways last Friday, I with my gay friend Mamu strolled at Robinsons and we treat ourselves at Teriyaki Boy. Grabe, all we were talking about was boys, boys, boys! We even saw RJ of Pinoy Dream Academy at the restaurant and I was star struck, hahaha! I was shocked to see how he looks because anyone can say that he really looks feminine. No joke. Mamu also said (with his "gay-dar" ON) that he look like one... well, who are we to judge. Maybe he just looks vain and maybe he is really a macho man (in which I doubt, hehehe).
After a hearty lunch, we strolled and looked for a laptop. I would love to buy a laptop this Christmas so I can blog to sawa wherever I am. Instead of going the straight route, my gay friend would go to a direction where there are "cute boys" either walking our direction or those that are in their own stalls. I almost cried in laughter when I catched mamu staring at one of those macho barber cleaning their stall in a barbershop. Hay. I went home at around 4:30 PM and just bought food for Jojo.

My restdays (Saturday and Sunday) was spent where else but at home, doing things for my blog. I intend to spend more time and energy on this money making scheme of mine as Christmas is fast approaching and I am saving for a new laptop. I want the new ASUS laptop, the handy one because I want to bring it along with me especially when I am travelling. I want to keep it on my bag so I can blog whenever there's time. I hope I can save enough for my "christmas present". This is how my new laptop look like...

and here are the specs...

Display 8.9” Display, 1024 x 600 resolution
Color Pearl White, Black
CPU Intel® Mobile CPU
Processor Intel Mobile Chipset
Memory DDR II 1GB
Display Card Intel UMA
Storage 12GB (4GB built-in + 8GB flash) SSD (Microsoft Windows OS Version)
20GB (4GB built-in +16GB flash) SSD (Linux OS Version)
Audio HD audio / built-in speakers
Wireless Built-in 802.11b/g
Camera 1.3M Pixel webcam
Storage Cards SD / MMC (SDHC)
Input / Output 3xUSB / VGA-out (D-Sub, 15pin) / earphone jack / mic / RJ45 10/100 Mbps
Power Output: 12V, 36W;
Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Operating System Windows XP Home / Linux
Dimensions 22.5cm(W) x 17.0cm(D) x 2cm~3.38cm(H)
Weight 0.99 kg

I really hope God would allow me to buy this through my hard earned money from blogging. I will update you soon! God Bless!

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I stumble upon Joedel's site today and I may say... I really admire him. Why? Because two years ago, in our little cubicle on our previous office where my take home pay would normally evolve around P6,000/month...we had been talking about how happy would it be if we only learn how to make money online and work at home instead of traveling to and fro the office with a salary as little as we are receiving at that time. And now, since Joe resigned from our previous company...things seems to work very fine for him. I've read on his most recent post and he showed all the fruit of his perseverance... after only 6 months after resigning from his previous job and worked full time in his quest to work at home... he was able buy a new car! He said he also was able to help pay for her mother's operation and is now investing his hard earned money on a lot in Tarlac where they will settle with his soon to be wife. What's interesting about this is that Joe is only 23 years old and yet he knows how to handle his money wisely. He is the one who taught me to how to make earn money through blogging and I owe him everything I've learned about this scheme. I just hope and pray I can earn as much as he does. The last time I was able to chat with him... he said he is earning not less than $100/day through online blogging
which is equivalent for what I am receiving in a month's time. Hayyy. I really hope I can find more time blogging so that I could earn more as well and make my family happy also. Need to sleep now for my shift later at 4:00 am... this is the first day we'll gonna handle dsl calls other than home networking... I hope I handle it very well. I'm really inspired to work on my blog because of what Joedel posted on his site... I know I can make it as well. If he can do it, so can I! Aja! Good night everyone!

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Prayer Request


grabe, sobrang tumal ng review offers ngayon. Haaay... I am so worried about my money making experiment that I added a few more blogs so I can submit those again on those paid to post sites. I used to earn at least $10 a day from it because of my PR3 blog, but since google slapped my PR (for 3 of my blogs and left me with one with PR1) ... those review offers I receive are getting less. Well, I think that's a life of on online blogger. Sometimes you got it all, sometimes you're left with none. Actually, I have 2 review offers at hand - one is for $10 (minus 35% commission of the site) and a $5 review (minus commission) offer which would give me a total of barely $10 for both reviews. I am thankful for every blessings I am getting no matter how big or small it is.... I just hope I can find more ways on how to make money online as many people depends on me. My live in partner Jojo does'nt have a regular job right now and is just managing to help me on my online venture. He usually is the one who visits sites and put in comments to help me promote my blogs. He also the "clicker" who clicks on those PTC sites and the survey taker for those survey sites I joined. We are planning to have a home based business but were still on the brainstorming stage right now. I hope and pray that everything would going to be fine for us. I know that my salary is not enough for both of us especially that our transportation expenses eats up most of my salary... I just hope I can find more ways to earn now that I have a "talent" and all the resources for it. I plan to retire after 3 years...I mean, I don't want to work for others anymore. It's either I'll gonna concentrate on my blogging scheme or I'll gonna be an entrepreneur myself... but I thought to myself, how can i do that if the only savings I have in the bank is P1500? Yup, nakakahiya mang aminin, I only have P1,500 in the bank after working for almost 6 years now. That's sad indeed. I hope I can have the will and the drive to save something for my future and I hope and pray God would help me achieve it. I know God knows better than I... there's a greater thing that would happen anytime soon. By faith I pray, amen!

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Finally, Im Back!


well, how long have i parked this blog and never tried posting anything..not even one? hmmm...yeah, it's been 7 months since my last post. As you can see, the first entry shows the feeling of a girl excited about how to live her life, encouraging others to make the most out of it, telling people not to be afraid of showing her true self. It is still my predicament till now... I still believe the since we only live once - we might as well make the right decisions. It's either hit or miss, win or lose, success or failure. I hope I can impart to you how I fight my own life battles and how God help me endure through it all. I've been blogging for sometime now...say, almost five years. I've learned to impart a part of me and was able to gain friendship through it and I hope I can post as honestly as possible on this blog. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!