Bautify Your Pics with Picjoke.com!

My first blog ever is turning 6 years new and I'm so happy because its the one that paved a way for me in being a profesional blogger. My first blog only comprises of personal experiences, fears, happiness - it's like a silent witness of what's been happening in my life. When I want to look back on what my life had been for the last couple of years - I take a peek on my beloved blog and reminisce.

Blogging has been a part of my life since then, at first it's just for personal but when I've learned from my friend that he is learning through his blogs, I got interested. So I purchased a computer and subscribed to a local dsl line and asked my friend to help me to be a professional blogger like him. It's a good thing that I'm already blogging for three years already when I've learned about online blogging because I already have a blog of my own to submit for review purpose. Since then, I never stop updating my blogs which now sums up to ten.

Through blogging I've learned certain applications such as adobe photoshop and html. I was really fascinated with colorful designs on a picture so I often decorate my pics with fun picture frames. I usually go to picjoke.com to make photo collage online and make cute decorations on most of the pics I post on my blog. They have more than 100 effects to choose from and everyday you can make colorful and pretty photo collage online. Here are some of the beautiful designs they can offer.

Try blogging, it's a fun way of taking note of your everyday experiences and making money as well. Goodluck!


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