Another Gloomy Day

I slept for almost 7 hours last night but till now... I can't understand why I feel so tired. Not just tired physically...but emotional, mentally, spiriturally. I don't know why I feel so "nega" since yesterday. Though the que is really not that bad and we even had a meeting for almost 2 hours, I still feel the pressured in the office. I feel bad that another close friend would leave the team if ever the final verdict would be either lateral transfer or termination. I already lost two of my closest friend before, one of them I treat as my bestfriend... I don't know if I could still manage to lose another. I feel so sad, tired and confused. I feel threatened, anxious and afraid...afraid of losing the foundation of my future plans. Lord, please let me endure the remaining two years of my call center journey. After two years, I can now do whatever I want to do with my life. I can now start living my dream.... I pray Lord, that you will make a way for my plans. To you be the glory forever, Amen.

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imelda said...

i remember when i was in college, my close friend was transferrign school i thought i cnt anymore continue schooling but i made it. you will miss your friends but in time you can adjust. hang on!

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