Just last month, we had our cable installed so we can watch programs even at night. Since then, I never fail to watch Bio's Intervention. It's is a reality show that tackles issues regarding families. I never fail to be amazed on how those group of doctors and psychologists were able to handle domestic issues that easily. One of the episode I've seen was when a friend asked for the help of the group so they could treat her friend for obesity. It was really heart breaking. The guy was so fat he could not even fit into his car anymore and his friend is so worried that he'll gonna die soon because of his weight. Another episode that really touched my heart was when a wife asked for the doctors help to convince her husband to get treated for drug addiction.

The group really had a hard time convincing the husband to undergo Effective Drug Rehab Programs to cure his addiction. The husband even threaten to harm the group if they wont stop bugging him. Thanks to the understanding, perseverance and patience of the group, they were able to persuade the guy to get himself into Effective Drug Rehab. The group monitored the success of the patient and because of a very ,Effective Addiction Treatment the husband was able to get rid of the toxins and promised to never again get himself into drug addiction. Oh, I love reality shows!


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