What a Gloomy Day

I just don't like this day. I don't know why but I really felt so sad. Maybe I got so tired from my shift as there are so many calls coming in, furthermore, my teammates thought a large size tshirt would fit me so they picked that size for me but since the sizes are too small... there is really no way I could fit in to that shirt. Also, the pag-ibig salary loan we applied for last month still was'nt approved... and last but not the least...there is a possibility that my friend would be transferred to a different account or worse might get terminated because of an honest mistake she committed at work. I just feel like everything is falling apart. I don't like this feeling and I don't like thinking about negative things so I feel I really need to rest well today. I think I need an 8 hour sleep just to drive all these nega things away. I hope tonight would be a better night than last night shift. Amen.


oh I almost forgot, the shoes I just wore today gave up only after 8 hours of use... what a day!

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