What a Year Ender!

Next week is the most exciting week for me this whole year. After more than three years, I will be going back home to the province. I could not believe I stayed here for that long without visiting home. Well, a lot of reasons held me back to do so. Shameful but true, it all boils down to finanacial matters. I might have worked for years now here but I don't really have even a single penny saved in the bank. I therefore dont have the fund for the plane ticket and the stuffs that my folks might expect from me when I go home. I was always scared of that. That they might be expecting that I have something for each of them when I go home, but that would not hold me back anymore this time. They have been straight forward to me not to worry about buying anything for them, and that all they want is to see me after the past years, so sweet of them. I have also been longing to see them so much. So now's the time to break the distance.

Though my folks said they do not expect me to bring anything for them, I still have that desire in my heart to be thoughtful enough to give them presents even just for my little cousins. I got a few days to go now before my flight and I really don't have much time to shop around so I thought of just shopping online for kids stuff. Luckily, I stumbled on a website that sells great stuffs for kids and do same day shipping. So now, I got here simple gifts for my cousins that will surely make them joyful. A very cute jellycat stuff toy for DJ, a marshmallow-soft barefoot dreams loungewear for ShanShan, and a very cool appaman shirt for Shahar. They're all just perfect!

So now I am all ready for packing up. I could not wait any longer for Sunday and fly back to my hometown. I know this will be such a marvelous week. My greatest week this year!

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