Lazy Day Off

I hate it! It's my rest day but here I am confined in my room as our landlady decided to beautify our apartment and paint the walls. Actually, I have nothing against it - in fact it's nice for our landlord to do that as it would definitely improve the look and feel of the house. Unfortunately, she decided to have it done just in time of my rest day! We thought they would do it last week while I am at the office so they would be finish the moment I came home, unfortunately, they picked a day when I was supposed to relax at home. Arrrgh. So here I am, trying my best to concentrate and work on my blogs instead of hopping from one friend's Facebook profile to another. I've noticed that I really can't do anything on my blogs especially when I already signed in to FB. Haisst, I promise to control myself from now on and would only sign in to Facebook once I'm already finished with my work. Hope I can finish all my task on time. For the meantime, I think I need to take a nap and hopefully when I wake up...they've already finished with their paint job.

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