Broken Hearted

I really don't know why my hubby is acting up like this again. It's just so happen that whenever my mom would visit me here in our house...my hubby feels left out and becomes vulnerable. Just earlier this morning, he is washing our clothes and well,I was still asleep. I heard mom tell him to make sure that he hang the clothes properly as to make sure it would not smell. I also heard her ask him if he is watering the plants as she feels Jojo is not doing his task. I guess those words hurted my hubby's feelings and became reluctant afterwards. He doesn't want to eat with us outside and would prefer eating in our room while watching a movie through the dvd player. It hurts me that my mom and my hubby is having this kind of cold war. I know at times mom become so authoritative but I know her motives...she want's us to improve our lifestyle. I also feel for my hubby as he feels mom sees nobody but him. He feels inferior as he is only working at home,contributing only a small portion of our budget compared to what I am giving. I am really torn and I am so sad. I asked hubby to please help me as I don't want to be sad on my birthday week and he promised to ask an apology to my mom later today. If he do that, I would treat him to a movie tonight...if he does'nt...we're stuck here at home. I'll tell you what will happen later. Please pray for our family. Thanks.

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