I Want to Travel!

Seeing my friends again after two years is really a dream come true. I've been thinking of meeting them before for dinner but my schedule does'nt allow me. We've talked about a lot of things and I had so many realizations after that talk. I've realized that I need to unwind and treat myself once in a while. They said they've been in and out of the county because they are rewarding themselves through traveling. They said that I need to do that while I still can...while I still don't have a child and while I can still afford going places. I guess they have a point.

I've always been wanting to visit other countries but if I would be given a chance to travel abroad...I want it extra ordinary. I don't want to go to museums, to the beach, to the mall - I want it different. I really wasn't able to give so much thought about going to a specific place but I already have fun activities that I would like to do while traveling. Maybe watching a circus or rodeo watching would be exciting.I was able to check on a site that sells Nationals Final Rodeo Tickets and was really tempted to purchase one online immediately since the site teamonetickets.com sells out tickets at a reasonable price. I would really love seeing with my own eyes how those brave cowboys was able to work around with those angry bulls. That would be fun! I would like to go there soon, I guess I need to plot my vacation leave in preparation for that. Wish me luck!

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