Mom's Birthday

Mom is turning 46 next month, on the 6th exactly. I'm wondering where to treat her on her special day. Sis and I were talking about surprising her. She suggested we go and watch the Black-Eyed Peas concert on the 10th of February. A little late for her birth day but that would be a good time where our schedules meet. Mom likes the group too, kinda weird for a 46-year old? Well, yeah but mom is someone who likes the music of today except hard-rock though. Sis saw the schedule of the concert while browsing for St. Pete Times Forum Tickets. We are also considering getting some Sesame Street Live Tickets. Mom always wants to bring our young cousins along for any trip or outing. But we still have to agree on that. We want her day to be celebrated by just the three of us and just spend another party or gathering for the rest of the family members and close friends.

When our aunt Jhing knew about our plans, she suggested that we just get Staples Center Tickets and watch the Los Angeles Lakers play. She is a big fan of Kobe Bryant and the whole team. Well, I love them too but I dont think mom will enjoy that very much. Hmmm.. this will be a tough decision-making. I wish someone could ask mom what she wishes on her birth day without her knowing of our plan to give it to her. I guess that would be perfect to make her really happy on her special day.

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