College Best Friends

Last night, my college friends, Ruthie and Malen dropped by our house to celebrate my birthday! Since they confirmed our mini reunion a day before the event, I already planned ahead. I already planned what the menu and the agenda would be for the day. Got up early, around 3 am to work on my blogs and went to the market with my hubby at around 7am to buy ingredients for our Pork Nilaga menu. I also bought ingredients for my mango crema de fruita. They said they would be here at around 12 noon so we started cooking at 9am. Since I've been cooking the whole day, I took a nap at around 12 nn and just asked my hubby to wake me up once I received a text from them. To my surprise after I got up at around 3 pm, I still was'nt able to receive a text from them. I panicked and texted them, good thing, they are already in the vicinity and is now asking for directions on how to go on our place. Fortunately, Ruthie was able to remember the way to our apartment and to my surprise, I already saw them on our doorsteps. Since they arrived, we had a blast! They brought cake and gifts with them. Ruthie gave me a cute bracelet and Malen gave me a cute blouse. Oh my, my friends are soooo generous! This is the first and only birthday I had in my entire 30 days of existence wherein I was able to get more than ten birthday presents! God really blesses me with good things. After eating dinner, we had fun singing using our videoke and had a cocktail drink party while Jojo cook our "pulutan". We laugh almost the whole time and I think it's because of the influence of my own rendition of Zombie Cocktail. Seems they like the combination of brandy, vodka, grenadine and strawberry juice that they asked me how to make one. I'm so proud of myself that I was able to make such good drink though I never had any formal education about mixing drinks. I was able to confirm that my Zombie tastes great because my officemates also told me the same thing. Anyways, after videoke session...I asked hubby to get our mattress so we could all lie down while watching television and since Ruthie just came from a 5am to 1pm shift...she was the first one to fall asleep. Lol. They stayed till 10 pm and Jhun, Ruthie's fiancee came over to fetch them. Unfortunately, the car he is using had some issues which forced them to leave the car at our house and just commute. He said he will just go back tomorrow to fetch it. Though that is such an unfortunate event, overall - I love my day. We were able to update ourselves with whats happening in our lives and what we need to improve on ourselves. We talked about career, future plans, travels, vacations, blogging and lovelife. Lord, please always bless my friends. We made a pact that we will work on this relationship we have and we will never let it fail just like that. The last time I saw them was two years ago and I don't want to see them just every two years. I will do my part promise...I will let them know ALWAYS how i love and miss them. They are my sisters in the real sense of the word. Thank you Lord for this day. Amen!

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