My Dream Business and My Pick Up Truck

Thank you for everyone who greeted me on my birthday, it's indeed a very special and memorable event for me as most of my friends was able to go to my mini birthday bash. Well, after the party, the thought about my age suddenly came to my mind and I realized that I am not getting any younger. In this stage of my life, I should now act out what I had planned years before if I really want to reach my goals. This is not the planning stage anymore, this is the reality. So I guess I need to be brave this time and do what needs to be done.

Since I was a child, I already know what I want. I want to be a businesswoman. Seeing myself being one gives me hope and energy to strive harder in life, knowing that if I work harder, I can earn more and having more money means having the ability to start a business of my own. I’ve been working for almost seven years now and I think it’s time for me to think of some other ways to earn. I don’t want to be an employee forever. Having a business of my own would definitely boost my morale, would give me a sense of direction, would give me the freedom to choose what path I need to take. Excitement is the only word I can think of right now whenever thoughts like this comes to mind. I guess I need to save a little bit more as I know I also need to consider a lot of things. I need to have more than extra savings especially if I need to put up a business of my own.

I always want to put up a retail shop. A shop where I can sell grocery items to our community. It would be like a small grocery store and a one stop shop. I know I need to have a dependable truck on this type of business and I fell in love with the Ford pick up because of its elegance. I would use it for my business during the day and use it to socialize with my friends in the evening. It's gorgeous! I would also buy some pick up accessories such as vent visors, truck bed cover, running boards,or the ever famous truxedo tonneau cover. Buying this pick up would be at the top of my "to buy" list for this year and hopefully I can start my own biz early next year. Wish me luck!

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Raela Drigger said...

If you stay focused with your goals and plans in life, you'll be able to achieve them and be more successful in life. Well I wish that in just a short span of time, you'll be able to get what you've always dreamed of! Keep your fingers crossed, girl!

Lucas Rosenzweig said...

If you keep that positive attitude of yours, then it might be possible for you to realize your dreams. I also agree that Ford is a nice truck, since I too am a fan of it.

Mike Clark said...

When I was younger, I always dreamt of becoming a doctor. Sadly, it didn't happen. You know why? Because I didn't concentrate on that dream and I pursued something else instead. Raela's right, if you stay focused on your dream, it will really come true.

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