Spiritual Awakening

I admit, I wasn't able to go to church for the past five years - actually make it six. I don't really know why though there is this deep longing to be close to God again, I can't bring myself to go to church anymore. Maybe because I don't know how to start anymore. I often find myself thinking of going back, reviving back my faith, serving God with my singing talent maybe...but in as much as I wanted to do those things, I don't know how.

I have found a site that talks about spiritual awakening - it is a site run by vistar foundation. It's an organization that teaches the power and potential of Collective Consiousness for individual and global awakening. I really don't know what it is all about but I've heard a lot of positive remarks regarding the organization. Some said since they've joined and participated in a life-changing program - they ways of life improved. They do have different events where you can participate in and they do cover different topics regarding consious revolution and such. Who knows, this might be the answer to all our questions regarding life. I would definitely browse their site for more information.


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