Financial Struggle

I just recently received a call from my father saying he is again having some issues with the rent. One of his tenants would be leaving soon and would use the advance payment he gave us before. My dad is asking for financial help again and would like me to pay for his tenant's one month stay. My initial reaction was, why would I pay for that. Since we left the house, he was the one who gets all the benefits and then all of a sudden, when problem arises such as this one...I would be the one to suffer the consequences. I don't know why my father always needs something from me. I know it's my responsibility to pay them back for all things they've done for me...but I guess, I also need to teach them the value of money. If only I have enough, I would definitely help him, especially now that he already have his own family and a child who would be graduating from high school this year - but I also have my own needs. My hubby doesn't have a job right now and we're really struggling in our finances. Only if my dad quit Gambling long before all these things happened, I think our lives would be different. I guess were still together and our family would be most likely still in tact. I would have no reason to run away so I think I would still be enjoying my singlehood if my father had thought of my future. Anyway, past is past...there's no more time to cry over spilled milk. I guess I need to work double time from this time forward so I could help my father with whatever it is that he needs.


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