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I've been wanting to have my own house and lot. For two years now, me and my hubby is living in an apartment owned by my sister who is working in Singapore. We didn't pay a single dime in our two years of stay here and for that I am very grateful to my sister. But I guess the time has come when I had this very deep longing of getting our own place. I've been living in a rented place for all my life, I guess it's time to have my own place.

We've been looking for our own place since last year but can't decide on where to get a place. I want to live in a great community, not just place near the office. I want to have a two storey apartment with at least two bedroom. I also want to have my own home office where I could work on my blogs. I guess when the time has come when we're already given the chance to own our own home, I would get those home improvement services to help us maximize the space and to help me beautify the house. I really pray that our wish would come true as soon as possible.


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