Early Retirement

Ice, my friend and I would be celebrating our fourth year in the office next month. One more year and we can now get our early retirement pay which is equivalent to half our monthly salary multiplied by the number of years you serve the company. I am very excited for that time as I can now do the things that really matters to me. I would probably concentrate on my blogging business and would put up a small business. I would also most likely work part time in a call center as a technical support representative again or maybe a teacher. I could also use most of my time serving the Lord through chuch activities. I've never been this excited in my life...ever!

I only have one regret if I may say, I guess that would be leaving my friends behind. We already had formed this bond and that would be the hardest thing to forget. We always joke around especially on quickcom - a tool where employees can chat while in the office. We chat about everything under the sun, from religion to relationships and would you believe the topic can be as extreme as our sex lives. I remember out topic one time regarding sex toys, LOL. One of my guy teammates said that she knows where to buy those sex toys and was amazed by some of those sex toys for women which includes rabbit vibrators. There has been a verbal battle as to wether or not those things are neccessary to enhance sexual pleasure among married couple and my stand is that I don't mind as long as it would improve the relationship of the couple. I guess most of them agree. Those kind of conversations are the things that I would miss the most but I know life must go on.I guess I would just need to enjoy each and every moment as long as I can.


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