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Just last Saturday, my dad and my half brother visited us here at my sister's house. I wasn't able to see them for almost two months now and I'm so excited to be with them again. We cooked "Sinigang na Baboy" and  I can't believe they were able to finish eating all of it in just one sitting. They must've been deprived of eating comfort food such as that. I just realized how I missed them when they started telling me what happened during those two months I'm not able to see them. Though I know I can't always see them whenever I want to, I wanted to know what's going on with their lives even if were not able to see each other that often. Good thing there is a free family website that allows you to get the latest scoop about your family members. It is jam packed with a lot of features. You can easily share photos and videos in a snap and never would you again be left behind on family outings and parties since you can get the most recent announcements  through the site as well. Never miss a birthday, an anniversary or any special occasions through the family calendar. This site is really awesome and aims to make family ties even more stronger. I will tell my pop and brother to create a profile as soon as possible.


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