Dreaming of A New House

For the past two years since I had this computer, I never fail to search for an affordable house that I can purchase through a loan. I've been wanting to have our own house in a nice subdivision since we're only renting our place. How exciting would it be to design your own house and buy custom fit chairs and tables. Though I really don't know when would it happen, I am still fervently wishing and praying that I could afford such a house. I already have my plans for it as early as now. I would definitely buy one of those cute tiffany table lamps that I'll use on the living room. I love their glass table lamps! Then I would purchase those huge chandeliers to have a more dramatic effect. I also would like to have it painted white and brown, two of my favorite colors. Have I told you that daydreaming is also one of those things I love to do during my rest days?


smplcv said...

Stole words in my heart..it a nice feeling to own a house of our wish! thanks

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