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Being a call center representative was my dream job before. When I came here in the city to look for a job, I have always dreamed of working in an office, wearing headset, sitting in my desk, talking to people over the phone, assisting them with whatever they need. When I see billboards or posters of call center companies with pictures of their agents there talking on the phone, I have always wished I was the one on that picture. Fortunately, my dream came true, not that I am seen in one of those billboards now but that I am working in one of the country's prominent contact centers. Maybe due to the high number of support needed in the technical department, I was hired as a technical support representative although I am not at all technical when I applied for the job. I have just learned basic technical skills in the training and eventually from being on the phone everyday fixing technical issues of the callers.

  At first I was a bit scared, because I was not so confident with my English and that I might get lost and dont know how to fix the issue they are calling about. But for three years of being in this field, I have learned and quite master the craft. Sometimes I log in on the phone without tools at all yet pulled up on my screen because I came in to work late or sometimes the system is down. Sometimes we talk with our seatmates while assisting someone on the phone. Some things have became really easy for us but still not everything. There are a number of issues that I still fear hearing about and really get lost and stutter trying to make myself sound so knowledgeable about the issue. Some of those are email, assigning static IP addresses, and some software issues. Include there the business account issues like webhostingmanaged hosting and the like. What I do when I encounter such issues is that I transfer the callers to another department if my make-believes do not work. There are a lot of things and issues about networking I still have to master, like this new thing I heard called colocation. Im looking forward for a more techy me to be more efficient in this career I am on now.


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