Home Coming

Went to Montalban and visited my mom a and my dear angel Empoy earlier today. We were supposed to go jogging and after that go to Church but since we made it to the house at around 9 am na…sobrang init na, we decided to just stay at home na lang. Empoy was still sleeping when I arrived. After about 15 minutes, I already saw his smiling face and my heart melt literally. I missed him so much! Since mama is going to the Church, were left with Empoy and Kuya Elmer. We ate our pasalubong na burger and palabok. We also bonded with dear Empoy the moment I checked the photo albums I was supposed to bring home from Montalban. After that, I rested and slept for about two hours until my mom came home. We had a hearty lunch and just had small conversation while watching Paparazzi after which we went home with my Kawaii Piano Organ. I really want to know how to play the piano and serve God through my music. I really pray I would be able to learn how to play the piano before the year ends. Went home at around 4pm riding a cab, spent P600 all in all for this day. Tsk, it’s already a lot for me. Well I guess I would just do overtime writing some paid articles. I know God will help me in my finances. I love this day!


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