December Escapade

My cousin is treating us to a US trip this December. She have been living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada for five years now. Still single and enjoying life to the fullest. Me and three other cousins are going there three days before Christmas to experience Christmas and leisure in Vegas. We will be staying there for a week and come back to the country before new year. Last night we were fondly chatting online for some activities that we will be doing when we get there. She mentioned some bar hopping, clubbing, watch performances, and high roller casinos. The latter just bothers me a bit - high roller casino? Does my cousin go and play in casino? I could hardly believe it at first. Way back when she was still here in the country, she was this home-buddy type of person. She hardly goes out on her free time. She only goes out when all of the family goes somewhere maybe for a dinner outside or picnic or some other outdoor activities. I then asked her how long had she been doing casinos and what is that high roller casino that she said we will do. She just gave me a grin and told me to check on it at http://www.highrollercasino.eu. Places and culture really changes people. If she was the most aloof person in the family before, she seemed to be the most outgoing now after staying in the big city. Well, that doesn’t really matter so much to me as long as she will always remember where she’s from and never forget the people who are part of her lives. I am just so excited to reunite with her and explore Las Vegas. I know there is too much to see there and too much to enjoy. I will just take all my time enjoying everything there and live the life in that city for a week. I wonder what else we can do during our stay there. I will leave it all to my cousin. I know this is going to be a fabulous week for me. I just cannot wait!


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