At last, It's my Rest Day!

It's my rest day today. I with Jojo just enjoyed the day by watching DVDs and just cooking our favorite foods such as macaroni soup, fried chicken, and sinigang na baboy. I really make sure that I enjoy every single second of my day off so I only sleep for around two to three hours...just a short nap to recharge my body would be fine. Since my hubby is the one in charge of our online job and household chores, he is working extra hard whenever I'm around the house all day. He needs to go to and fro the supermarket to buy some stuff for the house and to get something to eat for me. He tends to be so stress whenever he is with me the whole day as I tend to be over controlling. Whenever I see something wrong in the house such as almost empty sugar container or only a few eggs left on the fridge...I panic and ask him to buy those stuff on a local supermarket. I know I have the tendency to be too bossy at times but I can't help it. I am a perfectionist type I may say and I want everything to be in order. So to make up for my hubby, I am planning to buy him a bicycle. It would definitely make life easier for him. I also would like to get those Bike Metal Shed that would provide secure outdoor storage for it. I know it's not much of a gift but I know my hubby would appreciate it. I was able to find a store online that sells out those Metal Sheds and I am also planning to buy a Metal Garden Shed for my mother on her next birthday.It's my way of showing how much I love and care for them. I just hope they'll love it.

Anyways, well gonna watch another movie in a little while, you guys have a great one!

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