Another Chitchat with a Caller

Working in a call center is stressful but at same time enjoyable. I get to speak with different types of people and somehow I was able to familiarize myself with American way of life. Luckily, we do have cable television at home and since I am fond of watching American series... I normally use that to develop rapport among my customers. One time, I asked if they are familiar with the series "Gossip Girl", I told her that I am an avid fan and that I subscribed to a local cable company just to make sure I am always updated with what's happening in the said series. She said she is and in the tone of her voice, I know I have started a good conversation...

She said she is so excited with her new Direct TV subscription. She said I should opt to get Direct TV as there are a number of Direct TV Packages to choose from. Since I am really not familiar with Directv, I asked her what's the difference between regular Cable TV subscription and Direct TV. According to her, her Direct TV in California offers superior sound clarity and picture quality compared to the ordinary cable televisions. I've learned that with Direct TV, people have the choice to get their favorite channels instead of having tp pay for channels you really don't like to watch in the first place. Furthermore, a number of Direct TV deals are hard to resist as they offer the best services at an affordable rate. If only direct TV was offered here, I would definitely subscribe to it instead of having to pay for a cable company which makes me pay for subscription to a number of channels that I really don't watch most of the time. Thanks to my caller, I was able to learn something new today.

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