Busy for the Holidays

I'm sooo tired! I want to sleep already but I still have tons of things to do. I need to update my blogs, bid opps, check my friends' blogs and arrange my things. I did'nt have enough sleep as I need to do so many things in the house. My sister will arrive on Sunday and I really need to make sure the house is spick and span and everything is in order. I changed the bedsheet and put on a new linoleum. I also arranged everything in the kitchen and bought groceries for next week. There are still a lot of things to do but my body is now so tired and I still have my shift later. Hopefully I can manage to stay awake for the rest of my shift tonight. Tomorrow we'll gonna go to SM to purchase Globe Tatoo as a backup dsl connection. The technician who reformatted my newly purchased ASUS EEPC 701 messed up my wireless adapter so my laptop already lost it's wireless capability. My hubby said the tech will come out today to fix my laptop as well as my desktop so hopefully everything would be fixed by tonight. For now, though I still have so many tasks to do on my blog... I think it's time for me to rest now. I just hope I can manage to finish my two task tomorrow. By the way, well gonna go to my Kuya's place in Antipolo tomorrow as we need to fetch ate and family in NAIA early Sunday. Help us Lord and I know everything will be okey next week. Amen.

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