The Most Special Christmas

Hello everyone! I want to greet all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would like to share with you what happened on my Christmas eve. I wasn't able to spend it with my immediate family but I had the most romantic Christmas there is. I spent it with my future husband Jojo. It's the first time we've spent our Christmas alone with each other. He cooked pork stew for our Christmas dinner while I prepare buttered shrimp and ref cake. We also grilled some ham and siomai. Just after our dinner at around 9, we shared a bottle of wine while watching a movie online called "The Black Swan". I really feel luckier than someone who won in Casinos because I never thought we could have a romantic Christmas as this one. By the way, he gave me a silver earrings... I love it. How about you, hows your Christmas?


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