A New Year Goal

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back with a vengeance! I would like to make blogging as my daily habbit again just like before. I need to make sure my blogs are always updated so I can get a high page rank. How’s your new year? I spent the new year in our house in the mountains and had a blast with my mom, nephew and my boyfriend. It was a simple and yet fun new years eve with the ones I love. Mom cooked our dinner while I prepared our dessert. It’s one of the best moment I had with my mom. While preparing for our new years dinner, we talked about my plan of going back to school. She still can’t believe there is a way for me to earn another degree studying in an Online college institution. I assured her that the government already recognize such kind of educational platform and it is already widely accepted. I told her I have the liberty of studying at home at my own phase. I’ve been wanting to try it as I want to learn more about business but doesn’t have the liberty of time going to and fro in an actual university platform. Being able to earn a degree at home is really a blessing to many of us. I really hope and pray I can finish a second degree and learn more about my chosen field. Happy New Year to all of us!


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