On Losing Weight

Wow! Summer is here! I can feel it through the hot wind blowing on my face when I go for a walk after shift...and what's the best thing to do during summer? What else but swim! Waaahh, speaking of which...our team will have a team building at Mango Camp Zambales and instead of being excited...I'm kinda scared. I will be going out with beautiful, skinny people for God's sake! Huhuhu. I know I should not be intimidated and should at least just flaunt whatever I have (whatever it is!) instead of having a self pity and just lock my door up and say "NO" to the world! But to be honest with you...I can't help it..not that I don't want to see them having fun with their pettite sexy bodies..it's just that I also want to have one like them. That's the very reason why I've decided to go to they gym with my dear friend Mamu. Well gonna go to Red Corner at the Holiday Inn come first of April and would do my best to knock off the pounds again. I won't say anything anymore - almost all my plans of losing weight had failed so far..just check my posts if this one came to materialize soon. hehehe.

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Rizza said...

i wish you luck... i hope you'll lose weight in no time :)

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