Life Is Too Short

Another wonderful day spent with my mother. We met her @ SM North Edsa food court and as always, we ate out and kwentuhan to the max. I miss this gimik moment I have with her because I was'nt able to see her for 2 weeks. She went to Bangued Abra to reunite with her siblings. I knew she had a very good time, I can tell from the stories she happily share with me and Jojo. We ate at KFC, each of us finished a Fully Loaded Meal! Hahaha, it's really a very pleasant experience...eating a heavy meal while sharing good experiences. After a hearty meal, we decided to watch Sarah and John Lloyd's movie "You Changed My Life" but upon seeing how many people are eagerly waiting on the line for the same movie...we decided to just call it a day and we would just watch the movie tomorrow @ Waltermart. Yipee! Besides, mama does have a lot of things to do as she promised to make three blouses for me. I really appreciate Mama and I am thankful that she is still with us. I told her about her friend Lola Vicky, our neighbor, who passed away last February 26 (if I remember it correctly)> The old woman does'nt have any sickness at all, and then one day...according to her husband - she felt dizzy and so his husband sent her to the hospital where she gave up. It was really a shocking news for us as we always see her with his apo roaming within the neighborhood. I pray that she is now with the Lord and I pray that wherever she is...she is now happy with the Lord. Another reminder for all of us that LIFE IS SOOOO SHORT, we must appreciate and seize the day. Let us always remind ourselves that we are only given a very limited time here on earth to prove that we deserve eternal life in heaven with our Dear God, let's not waste that opportunity. I know that I am saying this things because I am also encouraging myself to go back to church. I hope and pray God would lead me to a Church in which I could grow as a Christian and where I could serve Him with all my might. I hope I can make my stay here on earth worthwhile. Amen.

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menthalus collection said...

right.life is too short.so we must do good in our life...

Marites said...

that's what has been reminded me yesterday when I visited a friend who is terminal ill. he is too young to die but he's already deteriorating. He's already saying goodbye and it was so heartbreaking. That's why, it's important for us to give our loved ones our time and enjoy them.

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