I Need Rest

Saturday and Sunday were my restdays for the week. My friends are inviting us our last Saturday for a night out as Peejay does have free ticket invites at a famous comedy bar. Thought I would love to go… I decided not to join as I feel really tired I don’t know why I always feel that I need simple rest as things really get clogging in my brain, I feel I need to rejuvenate myself by resting and first reasons myself. I’m already 29 years old and I still don’t know is that what’s my next step after cvg. All I know is that I would be returning from work on the next two years - get my early retirement pay and have a good life. I know I want to have a business but that part is not clear either. I need my rest to take. Unfortunately – I again wasn’t’ able to go to church today. I wast I would just wake up one day and everything in my life in proper place.

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