The Hardest First Step

I just finished doing an entry for an opps and it feels great to be back in business. I want to revive back my passion to blog and make money online through it. Lately I've been busy doing some extra curricular activities with my friends that I overlooked my tasks. Many opps had lapsed at those time but I don't regret a thing...I was able to gain new and wonderful friends - well they are more of a family to me and that was more than enough.

Anyways, I came to the office at 5:26 AM... late again. Hayyy...I don't want to be late anymore but what can I do? It's really hard to get up at 3:30 in the morning - so I just gave in to the urge and stayed in bed until 4:10 am. It's nice that TL is not around...if he is, I bet he would again get my attention. Mamu, my gay friend, just showed up but went home early as well so I was just left with Ice, Melai and Perl. The que is not that much, in fact, at 1:00 PM - we were approved for VGH (Voluntary Go Home). Since the innaguration of President Obama, our que decreased tremendously that our SLT's allowed us to go home. I just spent some time with Melai and PJ as we ate Siomai at Siomai House and believe me...it only cost me P33 for a 5 pcs siomai with gulaman. Hehehe. TIpid tipid talaga kami because we have a goal...well that's one and the second is...I don't have enough budget this month. I received P10,000 last Jan 15th and it should be more than enough for me...but it's still not. Maybe a realiable money management is the answer.

I came home at 3PM. Jojo was surprised to see me go home that early. I am happy that Jojo already did the laundry and had a general cleaning in the house. I can see it through the carpet he neatly laid on the floor. He already finished cooking our lunch which is Paksiw na Bangus. I ate three cups of rice today because of that... huhuhu.

All in all, my day was fine. I am able to do the first step in reviving back my passion to blog (which is this post) and I am able to write an entry for my PR2 blog. I hope that the events tomorrow would be as smooth as it is today. Amen.

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anneberly said...

hmm no new update.. Hi ms emotera aning aning, just visiting you here. Happy weekend
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