Fight Till the End

Just yesterday, two of my teammates lost their jobs. It's so sad. I know they've done their best to stay on their current positions but the management already decided. They need to leave. One of them made the company his second home for five years and in just a snap...all the priviledges was taken away from him. Good thing, he still can get his retirement pay. The company provides retirement pay to those who had at least 5 years tenureship. The person fought till the end, even rendered overtime to improve his performance for the month..but he wasnt able to improve his scorecard for the month that's why he needs to be on forced resignation to still get his retirement pay. I barely know the man, I just met him last month as he is a newbie in the team but I will never forget his perseverance and his willingness to fight till the end...I think that's what matters most... he never gave up, at least he had no reasons to regret that he did not gave his all. I just feel sad because I was'nt able to know him better, I could have learned something from him. Well, that's life. I just pray that his next endeavor would be more successful than this one.

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