Remembering Divina Aban


Today is my bestfriend's 3rd year death anniversary... and I really do miss her terribly. If she was alive up to this day, most likely...she is already working overseas as she plans to be a part of an international shipping cruise and is preparing for it when it all happened. She was diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of cancer that is found on the blood. As she explained her sickness to me before, I've learned that her body is producing more white blod cells than red ones which our body needed. While explaining to me all those medical terms... I can feel from her voice that she does have high hopes of overcoming this deadly disease. She mentioned that what she have is the weakest type of Leukemia that can be healed. I knew she could make it, she is a fighter. We've been friends for almost all our lives. We became friends when we were in our 2nd year high school and since then we never left each other's side. We became rivals when it comes to who will be the salutatorian...she won. Other candidates protest...but not me. I won't and even if given a chance... I will keep silent. I don't want to hurt her and ruin the friendship we've built for almost 3 years at that time. What's surprising is that on her Salutatory speech...she offered her medal to her bestfriend... yup, I heard she offered her medal to me as she spoke my name and that's more than enough honor than being the salutatorian itself. After high school, we still keep in touch. She never forgotten to invite me in their celebrations and I usually attend. Everything goes very well, we even had an outing together a year before she died. We had an overnight swimming in a resort somewhere in Laguna with her bf, my bf and our gay bestfriend Pipa. It was one of the most enjoyable outing I ever attended...never knowing that it would be the last time Vhine would grace us with her presence...

I received a text from another friend, Odette, informing me that Vhine is not feeling well lately and ask me to call because our barkada is at Vhine's place visiting her. At first, I thought it is just a flu or a minor cough and cold kind of sickness...so I called their house and spoke with them. I still does'nt have a hint of what her sickness is...so I just say hi and had a small chitchat with them as I am not at home and is just using one of those payphones in Cubao where me and my mother is strolling.

Then, one day...I received a text from my gay friend informing me that Vhine is diagnosed with a disease called Leukemia. I was bothered. I decided to visit her in the hospital in which she is confined to and I never thought that the damage of her sickness would be severe. She said she lost her hair, her appetite and her strength. We laughed the whole time I was right there and she introduced me to her new boyfriend who never left her despite of what she is going through right now. We laughed and laughed just to forget whats happening and when it's time to bid goodbye...her sister told me that the doctors told them that Vhine does have approximately 4 months to live. I was stuck and at first I did'nt believe it. In my heart and in my mind I know that she can have more than this so I told myself that it's impossible. Vhine is young and active...she would definitely wont let her disease overcome her. I had one chance to visit her at their house, that's the time she explained to me what her disease is all about and how it could be cured. I thought everything is going really well. In fact, she even attended San Juan Fiesta with us not knowing that it would be the last time I would see her (by the way, that was June 24). I never thought she would be gone very soon. I promised to visit her in the hospital but that never materialized because my schedule won't allow me. I, myself, is having a hard time adjusting to a call center life and I am ready to quit anytime. Everything seems to go from bad to worse.

Then one day, it's my off...I am preparing to go to my mother's house in Montalban when I suddenly received a call from one of our common friends informing me that Vhine already gave up. I was shocked. I did'nt know what to do. I was motionless for a moment then I cried out very loud. I hurriedly called my husband and I asked him to immediately ask his manager if he could go home early as I can't manage this alone. He hurriedly went home and off we went to the hospital where she is located and went straight to the embalming area where I saw my bestfriend's body lying naked...cold...lifeless...I don't recall what happened after that. I feel so much grief as if I lost a very dear sister.

I felt embarassed of myself. If I only knew it would be Divine's last days on earth, I should have stayed with her. Assist her and took care of her...but she is gone now, everything's too late. The only way I could make up to her is to be with her on the last days her body would be in the earth. I never left her, I stayed with her hoping that though she is already dead...she could still feel that I love her so much and that I am sorry for not being with her during those tough times.

At her funeral, I was late but I am praying that I could still see her face for the last time... and just like a miracle...I came exactly at the point that the minister would close the coffin. I still manage to utter my last prayer and then we hurriedly went to the place of burial.

I don't know but since then, I feel like everything changed. I started to value friends more and I started to value my own life. Divine is such a strong girl and never in our wildest imagination would we think that she would leave us so soon. I hope this story of mine would touch my every readers heart so that they could give more importance in life. I hope all of us could live each day to the fullest.

To my bestfriend, wherever she is... I hope is is happy. I know that since she lived for others - I know that she is now with the Lord. Till we meet again my friend, please prepare a room for me, neighbor tayo. I love you and you will always be remembered....

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SuperB said...

Ah..That's so sweet of you :) I have one bestfriend too, it's great to have a blessing like them and I understand your feelings. I'm sure she's happy that you still remember her.

anneberly said...

Passing by here Ms Emotera. Have a great day to you
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