On Being Possessive

I really can't get why a friend acts the way she is acting right now. She's being possessive in a way. I can't really get it. We've been friends and been together for almost 2 years now and she would always be a friend to me...but lately she's acting so weird. It seems like she does'nt want me to be close to my new teammates. She wants me to be closer to her than to my gay friend. She feels left out though never in our wildest imagination would we want her to feel that way. It's just I and a gay office mate clicked and whenever we are together - expect no dull moment promise and I am enjoying it! My new found friend is one of my main reasons why I am still here in my current work and if he would leave, I think I would asked to be transferred to another site. I hope and pray that my girl friend would change and stop being jealous. She texted me saying she want's to revive back our friendship but she is acting opposite of what she is saying. She can't get all our attention on her. She needs to grow up!

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anneberly said...

I have the same thing on one friend. It feel annoying.
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Marites said...

happened to me and one of my closest friends. in the end, I decided to just let go of her because things have become never the same again. btw, i got a tag for you here

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