Lazy Me!

October 11, 2008
Saturday, 3:05 PM

I've been so lazy. Actually, I together with my sister Mamu planned to have a "gimik" or drinking session right after their shift today. But since I am on a restday...I really had second thoughts about it. Well...yeah, I know. I was the one who set this all up. I even invited everyone in the team and everyone agreed, but I suddenly felt that they are really not that excited on our gimik. My gay friend did not text me and Ice only texted me 3 hours before their shift ends. I actually woke up very early, 5 am because I was so excited to pick what outfit I would wear but here when they are just going with the flow. To my dismay, I just asked them to postpone the gimik. I will just work on my blogs. Anyway, I have my own gimik later...Odette's 29th birthday. Well, actually, I also is not so sure if I can make it or I would again change my mind and just work on my blogs. Well see. Anyways, I've been craving two things today...Coke Zero and Turon. Thanks to my ever loving hubby Jojo who always gives me everything I want. Here is my delicious merienda for the day...yum!

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