October 8, 2008

I can't explain what I am feeling today. It's just so happen that a former batchmate, teammate and a friend left the office without saying goodbye to us. We don't even had a clue that he will be resigning. I am talking about our "papang" Pedro Sarcia. We used to call him papang because he is one of the seniors (as in senior citizen) of the team. He is also an ECE graduate like me but the only difference is that he is a licensed ECE! He graduated from CCP, the school where my hubby graduated. We really have a lot in common that's why I felt so sad that he left. Things like this makes me think twice if I would still pursue my plan of sticking with my present employer for three more years especially now that my friends at the office are leaving.

My eyes were opened on the reality that nothing in this world is permanent when my first TL - TL Chrisse was transferred to one of our offices in Bacolod. Then suddenly, my friend and sisterette Ivy followed and went to Dubai. Gherj, one of my closest friends also left to pursure her dream of being a programmer...then Shai, one of my teammates was forced to resign because of her failing scorecards. My batchmates are also planning to leave the company right after we've reached our second year... Julei, Paupau and Niknok (who by the way left already just a few days back) and what's worse...Ice, my closest batchmate and friend at the office is also planning to leave come December together with my gay friend Mamu.

As I mentioned earlier, I dont intend to resign for the next three years because my job pays me well... but with the negative vibes going around the office - I can't help but think twice. I plan to retire three years from now and I intend to have CVG as my last employer before I jump off to another venture which is putting up my own business and be a full time blogger.
Lord, I pray that everything will be OK. Whatever you want to do in my life for your own glory...please make it happen. I trust you and I believe that whatever decisions I may take in the future... I know its all under your will. May you be glorified in everything I do. Amen.

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