Treatment for Drug Addiction

Having a drug addict in the family is one of the worst feeling there is. I should know, I had one. For years, my brother Jeff has been suffering from obsessive drug addiction. His life has been ruined because of it. He lost his job, his family and his future. I can't recall one single moment we bonded as a brother and a sister. He never reached out to me. Maybe because he is already hooked into drug addiction even at a young age. My parents have been seeking for ways for a very long time now to convince him to change his life for the better but to no avail. We as a family already tried doing almost everything just to persuade him to have him treated in a Drug Rehab Center but he never listens. I even told him that I will be the one to pay for his treatment and that he should not worry about anything. All he just needs to do is undergo some Drug Rehab Program. I believe that only Drug Rehabilitation will cure his drug dependency as those institution really knows what makes a drug addict and knows various ways on how to make sure a patient won’t go back on his old ways. I’ve searched the net and have found a number of institutions that helps drug addict to slowly take out the toxins and their body and help them cope up with the withdrawal syndrome from drug use. I know that will power alone, especially if you’ve been an addict almost half of your life, will not help a patient get rid of those toxins in his body. As for me, I will never get tired of asking him to give up his vices and follow the right path. I hope one of these days my brother would be able to realize that we love him so much, that is why we want him to have a better life.


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