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Being raised in an environment exposed in gambling (my father used to bet on horse racing before ) - made me aware of the ups and downs of the game. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. A lot of us who never tried gambling cant understand why a passion to play those kinds of games which involves money betting seems so intense for most people engaged in it…well we can never tell or even judge them unless were in their shoes I guess but I suggest that if you really cant make yourself stop doing it, at least choose a game that would give you a better chances of winning in the comfort of your own home. Something that won’t take your time away from your family but instead something that would help you earn money while enjoying with minimal risk. I suggest that if you really want to play casino without being hooked or addicted to it , the best option that falls under that category is by playing in an online casino. Visiting those casino sites will give you a head start if you are serious in making money out of it. There are a lot of casino sites that you can look into to find guides on how to locate the coolest and safest internet gambling destinations and once if which is Badugipoker.eu!

The site’s layout is simple yet very informational as it provides online gamers with helpful strategy guide and tips on how to win big playing online badugi. Though Badugi is not as popular as Texas Holdem or video poker, this exciting game is gaining popularity in an increasing rate. Since the first time I tried badugi poker, I never stopped. It’s a nice, fun and exciting game that definitely takes off my stress off work. Hurry, try your luck now!


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