My Dream House

I've been wanting to get a house of my own for the last five years now but haven't decided yet on where I want to have it built. Will it be near where my current office is located or should it be near to where my mom is currently residing in Montalban. I need to make sure that the village where we'll build our dream house would be a safe and a peaceful environment. I've been sketching some drafts of my dream house and one of which does have an attic. It also does have an outdoor lighting and a swimming pool in the garden which I will also decorate with outdoor ceiling lighting. I bet it would be the highlight of the house. The garden would also have those pretty landscape lighting where I would entertain my guests on maybe some dinner parties. I am really excited to have this plan materialize and hopefully I could be able to get my dream house next year after my retirement. I plan to resign late this year and the retirement fund I'll gonna receive from our company would be used to build the house. I hope God would bless this plan of mine and hopefully all my dreams including this one would come true. Wish me luck.


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