Cute Baby Shamira

My friend PJ just had a niece last month. She was named Shamira, a cute baby from his sister Lendy. I could tell she is PJ's niece because they are look alike. Their nose and their ice are the same. His sister must have been so proud of her baby. Though she doesnt have a husband, his brother PJ promised her that he would take care of her and her baby.

Melai and I wanted to pay a visit to finally see the baby in flesh. I've only seen her from the facebook pictures PJ is posting in his account. I would like to give this baby something special so I checked the net for any cute baby stuff and found this cute preschool mat from posylane. I want to buy her that cute ladybug nap mat. So colorful and handy. I told Melai about the site and she would like to order that litle stephen joseph backpacks quilted backpack so Shamira's mom can put in her stuff all in one cute bag. I was overwhelmed by that huge collection of baby stuff and have found a cute lunch totes that I would like to buy as a gift for my nephew on his 4th birthday. Empoy would start his schooling this school year and this little cute mint lunch box would look good on him. I was planning to visit him next week for his birthday. I wasn’t able to see him for almost 4 months now, the last time I’ve seen him was last Christmas. I hope he likes my lunch box gift for him. I’m happy I was able to stumble upon Posylane, a great site especially for those who doesn't have any idea on what to give to toddlers. I would place an order for those two products later.


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